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Molly Devine

Performance Testimonials

“Her grooves sauntered through the crisp Queenstown Winterfest night whilst she whisked in behind the waves of complex layered sound. As if gliding on the motion of the music, she would drift back and forth from mic to an impressive array of equipment. Loops aren't a new thing anymore neither is the art of presentation but Molly Devine has embraced both with a fresh and informed palette. The music production is both seamless and flawless leaving one feeling lifted and conjured into some magically surreal realm at times. And though Molly has an easy charm about her presence on stage her set isn't a simple listen it's challenging as it is engaging. She provided brief respites to hold or catch your breath then bravely launched into the known unknowns such as a new song from the latest and last David Bowie album Black Star. No not everyone knew all her songs or perhaps even the Bowie one but after that mesmerising performance and the highest note I've ever heard a human being sing in a live setting I'm certain they felt something that will leave them looking for more Molly Devine experiences.”

-Jason Kerrison from OpShop, Baby Sitter Circus and Fungi.-

“Molly Devine was one of the headline acts for the Opening Party at the Queenstown Winter Festival, 2016.

Not only is Molly thoroughly professional and a breeze to work with, but she commands an audience with ease. She is a formidable presence on stage and her voice and performance is entrancing. I would have no hesitation to recommend her for future engagements on small or large stages.”

-Lisa Moore Night Events Manager for Queenstown Winter Festival.-

Vocal Testimonials

"Molly Devine's voice is wonderful."

-Marian Poole from the Otago Daily Times, June 26th 2016.-

Songwriting Testimonials


"Great tracks Molly. You're on a roll!"

-Mike Chunn, from Split Enz and Play it Strange, in regards to new EP, Planet Glitter – Phase One.-

"Great edgy, and innovative work."

-Ian Chapman aka Dr. Glam.-

Vocal Coaching Testimonials

"Molly is a great listener who helped me weed out habitual mistakes in my technique, without discouraging my own style of singing"

-Max Jardine, one of Molly's vocal students.-

"Molly's lessons are a delight. She is so encouraging to anyone who is slightly nervous or plain petrified or might dread cake if it involves singing Happy Birthday. You do lots of weird and funny voice exercises and  laugh a lot. She lets you choose any type of song - whatever you dream of  being able to sing.  Her lessons are a tonic, a highlight, a hoot -  and even if you feel pooped before the lesson, you feel invigorated afterwards.  Thoroughly recommended."

-Molly's singing students Louise, Jane, and Madeline.

Character Testimonials

"Molly Devine’s musical skills, outgoing nature and positive attitude have been an inspiration to other youth performers. Molly has the ability to take charge and confidently communicate with team members and entertain a diverse age range of audience. Proving to be very reliable and capable at events the Trust has drawn on her skills on many occasions, including but not limited to the following events, some of which were paid events and others charitable involvement.


Gibbston Valley Harvest Festival, Gibbston Valley Summer Concert (Support act for Dr. Hook and Creedence Clearwater Revisisted in 2011, and Little River Band and The Doobie Brothers in 2012), Gibbston Valley Wine and Food Festival, Big Break – Annual Concerts held since 2009, Queenstown Winterfestival Community Carnival Stage, Queenstown Summer Daze, Arrowtown Autumn Festival."

-Justin Eden (Trustee and CEO) and Robynne Williams (Trustee and Treasurer) of Rock Formation Charitable Trust.-

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