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Molly Devine

Molly is a strong believer that everyone can sing. She also strongly believes that everyone should sing, and it's quietly her life mission that everyone does.

Singing should be easeful and stress free but most importantly enjoyable. Are you embarrassed to sing? Are you a singer but find singing stressful or tiring? Molly's enthusiastic end supportive teaching methods will have you enjoying and loving your voice in no time.

She's been singing ever since she first made sound and has been in vocal training since she was 8 years old. Molly's vocal coaches have included, Nick Hollamby, Kirsten Anderson, Jenn Shelton, Margaret O'Hanlon, Ravil Atlas, Vanessa Kelly, Catherine Short and many more. 


She fell in love with teaching singing while taking the Otago University Student Associations (OUSA) Beginner Singing Course from 2013-2015. Since then she has been teaching privately in Dunedin as well as directing Kavanagh Colleges School Choir and teaching Vocal Workshops.

 Molly has a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours in Contemporary Composition and Studio Production from Otago University, and in 2016 she completed her Masters of Music in Contemporary Vocal Performance.

All styles, genres, and experience levels welcome, Molly is only concerned with making sure your voice is healthy and sustainable. 

For private lessons, or Vocal Workshops at your Festival or Event.

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