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Out September 25th

After 3 years of working collaboratively with New Zealand Songwriters and Producers (Nik Brinkman, Nigel Stanford, and Will Henderson), isolation brought out something completely different in Dunedin Artist Molly Devine. 

When lockdown began, Molly was part way through her tour for her last single, Call Me up and then, like most of us, she was alone at home with a lot of thinking to do. Fortunately Molly runs a music school out of her front room so she was locked in to a mini recording studio. Between zoom sessions with her music students, Molly began pottering with some new song ideas.


"It felt like going back in time to when I could write and produce whatever I wanted at school and at uni... the only difference is that with the experiences I've had with NZ writers and producers over the past few years, I've started to trust I know what I'm doing!" 

Molly's friend Jayendra Birchall is a classical guitarist and music teacher living in Melbourne. He's a bit of a tech wiz, so he set up a session with Molly on a software called NinJam where you can jam with people all over the world. They jammed with people for hours, there were musicians from Italy, Canada, Brazil... it gave Molly an idea. She sent Jay one of the tracks she'd been working on and he sent back a beautiful intricate guitar part which quickly came the basis for Molly's track Wanderer. 

Wanderer is about the magnetism she feels towards simplicity and easefulness. 

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