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I was on tour in Māehe 2020, celebrating the release of a new high-energy pop/dance song called Call Me Up. Next thing, all shows were cancelled and I was sitting in my studio listening through the demos of my next releases, feeling guilty that I didn’t feel like dancing to any of them. I thought of all the hours and money that has been put into Call Me Up that now sat in a cloud, an effervescent soundtrack reflecting the state of very few hearts around the globe.

Since then I've asked myself, what is it about music that endures? What makes it so fundamental to the human experience? Why, when all the rivers of my life moved outwards from my lifelong devotion to a career as a musician ... did I feel more alive than ever?

I'm currently studying to begin 2023 as a kaiako in secondary schools somewhere in Aotearoa New Zealand and I've never been so excited for Monday mornings in my life.


This page is where I aspire to share my purest devotions to music, which have endured as all the noise has faded away. 



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Shades of Blue

July 1st

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Shades of Blue Molly Devine -  Cover.jpg
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ADOM-20210227-0335 (1).jpg
ADOM-20210227-0335 (1).jpg
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